8 reasons why you should choose Insure Our Event

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*Thoughts of our social media manager, Sam Humphrey*

As the social media manager here at Insure Our Event, I spend quite a lot of my time reading about the developments in the world of events. I’m always fascinated by new technology, new entertainment types and new ways to give customers the best possible experience.

Most of the information I read is found on event management news websites like eventindustrynews.com, which incidentally, is where I stumbled upon an interesting article by Peter Ward, CEO and co-founder of WeTrack.

In the article, Peter talks about eight tools for judging potential contractors in the event industry. Or in layman’s terms, eight ways to tell whether you can trust a contractor.

Trust is a big thing for us at Insure our Event We make it our mission to deliver a service and product to customers that make them trust us time and time again. So for a bit of fun, I thought I’d see whether we would pass Peter’s eight trust factors test.

So here we go:

1. Reputation

Peter’s first tip is to look at the reputation of the brand. He suggests that you should look at online reviews or rely on word of mouth.

Unfortunately, we’d struggle in this area. But not because we’ve got bad reviews.

It’s because we’re a brand new challenger brand. We simply haven’t been around long enough to get lots of reviews.

But we think that’s a good thing. Our competitors having lots of reviews, even positive ones, isn’t a sign that they’re more reliable. It just shows that people haven’t experienced that event insurance can be different. We are that difference.

A dog would give a great review of going for a walk on a lead until they experience the joy of running off the lead.

2. Brand

His next point is that a contractor’s brand should be slick and professional. And he’s spot on.

In fact, I’d push that a little further and suggest that a brand should also be clean and won’t risk tarnishing your good name.

Insure Our Event make it our mission to be as professional as possible. We’re here for one reason: to give customers the best insurance. Our brand is squeaky clean because we don’t involve ourselves in anything but insurance. We’re open, fair and honest.

3. Marketing

Peter says that marketing activity is a key signal that a company is worth working with. He suggests that if you see their ad on Google, or if they rank highly on Google, or if they have a strong social media presence, then they will be trustworthy.

He’s partly right here.

If a contractor hasn’t updated their social media profiles in months, or they don’t appear on Google at all, they’re probably not worth the risk. It suggests that it might be a side business, or they’re no longer operating.

However, it could also be said that companies can get to the top of Google, or have lots of followers on Facebook, purely from throwing money at their marketing. And just because a company has lots of money, doesn’t make them qualified or reliable.

We like to think we’ve got a good mix at Insure Our Event. We are spending money on marketing, and we do have our own in-house marketing team. But we’re doing things the right way. We’re not throwing money at different channels. We’re increasing our Google ranking and social media following by posting content that people will find useful.

4. Contact

It’s a little difficult to tell what Peter is saying here, but by the looks of it, he’s suggesting that you should see how easy it is to contact a company.

Well go ahead! Get in touch by phone, email, website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn We’re here for a no-obligation conversation.

5. Website

For his fifth point, Peter points out that a contractor’s website is ‘perhaps the best way to garner an overall impression of a company’. He says that by searching a website, you should be able to find a company’s way of working and all the services they offer.

You absolutely can. Take a look around the website after you’ve read this blog. I’m sure you’ll find everything you need.

6. Repeat Business

I really don’t agree with Peter here. For this point, he suggests that if you’ve had a decent experience with a contractor, you should go with them again.

I call that blind loyalty.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be swayed by good experience, but you certainly shouldn’t just accept that they’re the best, or only, company for you.

Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert is always telling people to shop around, and I’d echo that point for contractors. I’d even advise it with Insure Our Event customers who’ve had a great experience with us.

Although, that’s a bit underhanded from me because I can advise that knowing that we’re competitive on price and we’ll win on experience every time.

7. First Impressions

‘Those first conversations will form a huge part of your impression of a company’.

Very true. And that’s why we’re keen to have no-obligation conversations with clients before they purchase with us. We want them to know they’re definitely making the right decision.

But with a slight note of caution, I’d also advise that you’re on your guard and ask as many questions as possible.

Many companies put their best salesperson as the first point of contact, and I know from experience, they’ll have you signing your life away with compliments false promises.

Look through the façade and make sure that they’re taking the time to listen and understand your needs.

8. Quality of Application

Unfortunately, I can’t really directly answer Peter’s last point. In it, he talks about the tender process and quality of application, which we don’t go through or do.

When you place business with Insure Our Event, there’s no long, drawn-out experience. You fill out a 10-minute form on our website.

But, like everything we do at Insure Our Event, even a 10-minute form has to be exceptionally easy for the customer to use. It has to work brilliantly and make the process easy.

And that’s why we hired Paul Corbett, one of the insurance industry’s leading developers to work on, and continue to improve, the purchase process. With over 22 years’ experience in improving the experience for insurance customers, I asked him what his main focus was when leading the development of the Insure Our Event website and purchase process:

“We wanted to get the right balance of technology and usability. I think a lot of companies have all-singing, all-dancing websites that can probably do your taxes and make you a cup of tea, but hide any relevant information and are horrible to use. We wanted to make a site which had all the functionality a user would need, laid out in a clear and simple manner.”

And I’d echo Paul’s last sentence for the whole of Insure Our Event. We want everything to be honest, open, clear and simple.

And there we have it; eight answers to Peter Ward’s blog and, by pure coincidence, eight reasons to use Insure Our Event. If you’d like to talk to us about giving your event the best possible cover, contact us today.

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