Performers, Musicians & DJs

Preparing for any live performance can be stressful without worrying about the ‘what ifs’. We’ll focus on covering you, so you can focus on putting on a great show.

Performers, Musicians & DJs

If you’ve been asked to perform at an event, it’s likely you’ve been asked to provide an individual public liability insurance certificate. Our insurance policy for performers covers you for public liability, with our bespoke service ensuring you’re only paying for the cover you really need. Peace of mind for you, and your event organiser. 

We protect a variety of performers, including professional (and amateur) musicians, DJs, artists and bands. So to get hold of a personalised quote and find out what our comprehensive cover includes, get in touch with our award-winning team.

Our performers and entertainers insurance includes…

  • Public Liability
  • Event Cancellation insurance
  • Adverse weather cover
  • Liability for yourself and your guests attending the event

We can also add equipment insurance and employer’s liability cover to your policy, if necessary.

Public Liability Insurance for Performers

Meet the requirements of your event organiser by ensuring you have comprehensive public liability insurance – leaving you ready to rock and roll.

Our Public Liability policy covers you for the following:

  • Accidental bodily injury occurring to a member of the public and/or accidental damage to third party property, should the occurrences at the event be proven to be a result of your neglect.
  • Liability of guests or audience members attending.
  • Cover for legal fees, compensation, damages, and expenses (if you are deemed liable).
  • The cover protects you on arrival at the venue, as well as during your actual performance. So you’re covered from the get-go (or get in!)

What isn’t covered:

  • Property damage claims which are below the value of the excess of the policy.
  • Damage or injuries which arise out of a deliberate act, vandalism or is malicious in nature.
  • Damage or injuries occurring due to activities that we would consider unsafe. Please consult our Policy wording for further information.
  • Damage to flooring (other than carpeting), the ground or underground services.
  • Injuries or damage which arise as a result of intoxication or drug use.
  • Loss or damage to property which you own, have borrowed, hired, or holding in trust such as marquees or staging.

Event Cancellation Insurance for Entertainers

We hope your events always go smoothly. But just in case, our standard cover will protect you for irrecoverable costs resulting from unavoidable cancellation, postponement, or abandonment of your event due to circumstances you simply can’t control. This includes Adverse Weather conditions, so you’re covered rain or shine.

We also offer extended cover to include a wider array of cancellation specifics.  

We don’t cover:

  • Cancellation if your booking arrangements have not been confirmed in writing.
  • Weather related protection if you are looking to take out a policy within 14 days of the event or performance starting.
  • Event cancellation if you are or have been made aware of any material fact, matter or circumstance which is likely to cause your event to cancel before taking out insurance with us.

Employers Liability for Entertainers

Do you have employees or volunteers helping you with your event performance? Our Employers Liability cover protects you for liability to pay damages, expenses, and claimant costs which arise as a result of anyone you employ (whether temporary staff or volunteers) being injured whilst present at your event.

Event Equipment Insurance

If you’re bringing all your kit with you, make sure it’s covered. We’ll protect items you bring to the event yourself, or hire out specifically for the event – though we don’t include items

that come as part of the fixtures/fittings of the venue.

Our Event Equipment cover protects you for the following:

  • Accidental damage, loss, or theft to the event equipment which you are legally responsible for (including hired or leased equipment).
  • Losses where the repair or replacement of the equipment is under the excess amount of the policy.
  • Unexplained losses or discrepancies.
  • Theft where there is no forcible or violent entry or exit from any site; or where items have been left unattended and unsecured.
  • Damage arising from the faulty assembly, use or dismantlement of temporary structures.

Speak to our award-winning team to discuss your bespoke Policy. Our Policy wording details all our exclusions, and highlights what is meant by certain terms.

Please read all Policy wording thoroughly before you take out insurance with us to confirm that our policy meets your individual needs and you are adequately covered.